• Date: March 16, 2021

The following is Part 4 of continuing announcements from the Cal South Board of Directors addressing our Return to Play Plan and introduces comprehensive actions that are being taken to assist our members to return to playing the game at all levels and making our programs more accessible and more affordable for all.

March 15, Fullerton CA., the following announcement addresses the California Regional League for the 2021-2022 seasonal year.

California Regional League (CRL) has served and hosted the highest-level competitive play since its inception in 2015, while reducing travel and expenses for teams. Participating in CRL allows teams to advance to US Youth Soccer Far West Regionals. In 2018-2019 CRL became part of US Youth National League Conference as part of the US Youth Pacific Conference. This arrangement has allowed teams to advance to the US Youth National League Playoffs. In the 2021-2022 seasonal year this continued relationship will allow teams to be part of the new US Youth National League P.R.O.

National League P.R.O website

With the Covid 19 pandemic impact and the shortened season in 2020-2021, CRL has decided to forgo this season and resume play in 2021-2022. Administrators of CRL feel this will allow teams to play in their local gaming league and State/National Cup without the added burden of playing CRL games in such a condensed season.

The following describes how CRL will move forward in the 2021-2022 seasonal year.

  1. Team Qualification
    1. The teams that finished in the top 50% in CRL League 2019-2020 will get an automatic invite. CRL will still have a Play in Tournament to allow teams to continue to qualify into the CRL League.
    2. Teams will receive an automatic invite to the CRL League 2021-2022. Teams will also have an opportunity to qualify via the Play in Tournament if they did not receive an automatic invite.
  1. CRL Play In Tournament
    1. CRL Play in Tournament will be held on July 17-18 (Youngers) and July 24-25 (Olders). This can be subject to change.
    2. This will allow teams to qualify thru the CRL Play in for the CRL League 2021-2022 season. This will also allow CSL and Presidio to use the CRL Play in results for seeding purposes for their league.
  1. CRL League 2021-2022
    1. CRL league games will kick off in Fall 2021. CRL is working jointly with the fall leagues (CSL, Presidio) to kick off after their season ends. This will allow teams in the Premier/SDDA to have a fluid continued soccer season from their fall league games onto the CRL league games. This will eliminate the break CRL has had in the past when CRL played in August and return in January or March. With the joint venture with the fall leagues, this will give CSL and Presidio automatic slots into the CRL League from their Premier/Gold and SDDA division.
  1. US Youth Pacific Conference
    1. The top teams in the standings in the CRL League will advance to the US Youth Pacific Conference. Winners of the US Youth Pacific Conference will advance to US Youth Far West Regionals and qualify for US Youth National League P.R.O for the following season.
  1. US Youth National League P.R.O
    1. US Youth has introduced US Youth National League P.R.O for the 2021-2022 season. This will follow the US Youth National League playing format from past seasons but will focus on the following: Player, Recruitment and Opportunity. Teams participating in CRL will have the opportunity to qualify for US Youth National League P.R.O. National League P.R.O will have a 7-game season that will have teams play in 2 events hosted by US Youth National League P.R.O.

For more information about the California Regional League and US Youth competitions please click on the following links:

  1. California Regional League: http://www.californiaregionalleague.com/
  2. US Youth: https://www.usyouthsoccer.org/leagues/

In the coming days, Cal South will continue with announcements regarding their Return to Play Plan with significant changes to the following programs:

  1. Coaching Education discounts and benefits exclusive to our Cal South Members.
  2. Pro+/ODP revision for our members to extend the player identification at the local level.
  3. The elimination of other Cal South fees and exclusive Cal South member benefits.
  4. Updates to the TopSoccer Program.
  5. Referee Program benefits for Cal South Members.
  6. US Youth Soccer National League expansion and the new P.R.O program.
  7. Adult league programming and enhancements to other adult

Stay connected with Cal South for more announcements on the items listed above.





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